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Valuation - Family Law - Expert Witness

Moores are RICS Registered Valuers specialising in:

  • Matrimonial matters - Valuation for divorce & separation agreements
  • Pre-nuptial agreements, SJE Part 35
  • Probate - Probate valuations for HMRC and internal family matters
  • Family - Inter-family transfers and Trustee matters

We are experienced at handling sensitive matters at some of the most challenging times in life. Whether it be after the death of a family member or as part of  a divorce or separation settlement we can provide a fast, efficient and professional service to help minimise the anxiety and associated costs.

This area of law is comparatively complex and we can adapt our services to provide the required form of documents to satisfy the specific circumstance. Whether as Single Joint Expert (SJE) Civil Proceedure Rule Part 35 proviidng information to the court as an Expert Witness or acting directly for the parties we undertand the requirements of differing circumsatnces and work within the appropriate context.