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As your project nears completion, there will be a requirement to complete detailed finishing of the project. Many contractors are very good at getting a property 95% finished; however few are good at finishing off that final 5%. It is therefore essential to have an experienced surveyor overseeing the closing phase of any contract. Moores Prime will prepare a detailed, comprehensive list of snags both internally and externally and will negotiate an agreed snagging list with the contractor.

Moores will advise with regard to the level of retention that should be included within the contractual arrangements to reflect the cost of these works. We also recommend that the snagging list be attached to the contract and that we be instructed to oversee the completion of the snagging works. Upon the completion of the snagging works, we then give authority to the lawyers to either exchange or complete the transaction, or to release the deposit if exchange and completion has already taken place.

This process is essential to any successful new build and is often overlooked. The cost of such works is more than offset by the quality of the finished product and cost savings in terms of finishing off minor niggles yourself once you have moved into the property.

Snagging is a natural extension to a project management or project monitoring role, or natural extension to a pre-purchase survey. Often snagging is instructed hand in hand with a survey to enable us to give effectively an action plan in order to complete the property to a satisfactory standard prior to sale.